Your First Acupuncture Visit

Your first Acupuncture visit will last approximately one hour.  Subsequent visits will last 30-45 min.

During your visit you will fill out new patient paperwork.

Then, you will have a consultation and examination with Dr. Dudley to determine if acupuncture can help your condition.


Next, Dr. Dudley will evaluate you with our meridian graphing device, the AcuGraph.  The AcuGraph is a modern scientific advancement in measuring the amount of energy in each of the meridians in the human body. What once was only determined by the sometimes biased and difficult to understand “pulse” and “tongue” diagnosis, the imbalance of energy in our bodies can now be measured with the AcuGraph, which gives a clear, unbiased and very reproducible result.  The AcuGraph scan will allow Dr. Dudley to determine the acupuncture points necessary to balance the energy in your body.

Depending on your condition, your treatment will consist of the insertion of filiform acupuncture needles, and electro-acupuncture.

The first visit is normally $130 including exam and treatment. Subsequent visits are $60.

Patients are usually placed on either a 5 or 10 visit initial treatment plan.

If you are focused more on just balancing your body and do not have any special concerns, Meridian analysis and treatment using AcuGraph may be your best choice.

Acupuncture graphing and treatment is $60 per visit.