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Acupuncture for Smoking & Cravings

We use a combination of 13+ Acupuncture points on the ear and body clinically proven to help:

  • Reduce Cravings for Food or Cigarettes
  • Reduce Stress, Anxiety, or PTSD
  • Improve Sleep

Ear Needles
Adhesive needles are placed on specific ear points as a method of continual treatment between visits. Research has shown that pressing on the ear needles causes a mild release of endorphins by the brain and nervous system to reduce stress or anxiety, curb the appetite, and boost willpower.

How many treatments will I need?
We typically recommend 10 initial treatments scheduled twice a week followed by monthly treatments for four to six months.

To help you get started, we are offering a 10 treatment package at a reduced rate.

 Treatment package: $600