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Acupuncture for Allergies

When over the counter medicines are used, they promise symptomatic relief, while acupuncture takes a closer look.  As Acupuncture is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it uses the same principles in a treatment plan when it comes to allergies.  When taking a look at allergies, there is importance placed on addressing the causes, treating the whole person and their presenting symptoms, and focusing on balancing the immune system in order to maximize long-term results.

What are allergies?

Seasonal allergies, allergic rhinitis or hay fever is a relatively exterior sign of an internal weakened or imbalanced immune system.  An allergic reaction is a learned response by the immune system where rapid physiological changes result in itchy throat, itchy/red eyes, sinus congestion, sneezing and hives. When our defensive cells are stimulated, they release a number of chemicals, one of them being histamine – a major reason in generating the allergic symptoms.

Auricular Acupuncture Protocol for Allergies
Points on the ear are used specifically for allergies

  • Allergy point – leads to a general reduction in inflammation reactions
  • Antihistamine point – help decrease the release of histamine
  • Inner nose – relive nose symptoms
  • Thymus gland – specialized organ for immune system
  • Point Zero – helps bring the whole body to homeostasis/balance
  • Shen Men point – helps in tranquilizing the mind when dealing with allergic symptoms
  • Sympathetic Autonomic point – a major point in balancing sympathetic nervous system activation with parasympathetic sedation.  Important use for sedation effects/tranquilizing symptoms
  • Endocrine point – this point functions by activating the pituitary gland below the brain, and therefore helps with bringing hormones to their appropriate homeostatic level and thereby regulating glandular secretions – anti allergic effect.

Acupuncture can be your new drug-free way of bringing your body to a healthier state and beat the allergy season. Patient’s will notice a decrease in their symptoms most likely after the first treatment. If you’re in relatively good health, 2-4 treatments may be sufficient, otherwise you be asked to come in for a longer series to achieve the best results.